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Choose Japan’s Best Power BI Development Services with FidelTech

Power BI is a Microsoft tool that allows companies to filter, sort, and convert massive amounts of data into business-ready and actionable information. It is enabled with elements and capabilities such as content collaboration, data visualization, and trustworthy metrics. As a result, Power BI is considered a powerful tool across the business world.

At FidelTech, we are one of the top Power BI service providers in Japan, with extensive experience and expertise in crucial areas such as data visualization, customized dashboard development, business analytics, and many others. Partnering with us refers to empowering your business with capabilities that help it get the best from Power BI and work it to the company’s competitive advantage. Please take a look at Power BI services in Japan.

Our Power BI Development Services

Microsoft Power BI Development

We provide customized BI software development solutions to build an enterprise-grade BI solution. Our Power BI development solutions enable you to view Power BI reports across various platforms and devices, get drag and drop dashboards, use drill-down functionalities, and consolidate multiple data sources.

Microsoft Power BI Development
BI Consulting

BI Consulting

Businesses must look at BI as a tool and a strategy that helps them optimize business efficiency. However, to leverage the strategy to the fullest, companies must know what they want from BI. Accordingly, our BI consultants and strategists strategize, design, and optimize BI architecture. They also apply AI, ML concepts to further enhance the BI capabilities of businesses.

BI Platform Services

We provide BI platform services that involve creating customized and dynamic dashboard development, comprising real-time KPIs to facilitate strategic planning and decision-making.

BI Platform Services
Mobile BI

Mobile BI

We empower mobile platforms with the power of BI based on your needs. Our mobile BI solutions enable you to access data and dashboards on mobiles, expedite the decision-making process, and enjoy real-time data access.

OLAP and Data Visualization

Our OLAP and data visualization service include translating backend data into structured, organized, and business-ready information. We analyze various dimensions of multidimensional data and break complex data into specific and understandable information.

OLAP and Data Visualization
Power BI Embedded<br />

Power BI Embedded

Our Power BI embedded services involve upgrading your reports and making them more interactive by integrating them with the existing ERP, CRM, etc., which you use to streamline your business operations

Customized Dashboard Development

We develop customized dashboards well-suited to your business objectives. So, you can create a sales report-focused dashboard or an interactive real-time IoT one when you have us by your side.

Customized Dashboard Development

Hire the Best Power BI Developers in Japan

Hiring qualified and experienced Power BI developers in Japan can prove quite challenging and time-consuming, especially if you do not have the necessary resources to do it. In situations like these, partnering with FidelTech works. We help you hire remote or onsite Power BI developers for a particular project or your company on a full-time, contractual, short-term, and long-term basis.

We carefully assess the candidate’s potential and capabilities against your needs, take care of the hiring formalities, employee payroll, and employee benefits administration to let you focus on your core business and project.

Microsoft Power BI Development

Why Choose FidelTech for Power BI Development Company in Japan?

Here are ten factors that make us a different Power BI company, Japan.

Comprehensive Power BI Services in Japan:

From Power BI consulting to development and support, we provide all Power BI-related services under one roof.

Tailored Engagement Models:

Our customized engagement models to suit the client’s needs. As a result, we work as Power BI developers in Japan for companies of varying sizes and business domains.

Data Safety and Security:

Whether we manage your project onsite, or handle it remotely, we adhere to the necessary data security and standards to keep your data secure with us.

Competent Technology Stack:

Our technology stack comprises the latest technologies and platforms that enhance our capabilities further and the results we deliver.

Team of Power BI Experts:

We are a team of experienced and expert Power BI professionals who can deliver value and help our clients achieve success in the long run.

Years of Experience:

We have almost a decade of experience in handling Power BI projects. Our success rate all along talks about our capabilities and market credibility.

Customer-First Approach:

Everything we think of, do, and develop is for our customers that bank on us for tech-based, and value-driven solutions. We put customers at the center of our business.

Continuous Evolution:

We believe in continuous evolution and development. This approach of ours has helped us stay competent and relevant throughout the evolution of every technology.

Bilingual Power BI Support:

We provide bilingual Power BI support to improve our service levels and enhance customer satisfaction.

Proven Results:

Our Power BI solutions have helped our clients improve productivity and scale new heights

Enhance your company’s productivity with FidelTech’s Power BI services. For details, and to connect with our Power BI experts and project leads, call us at 03-6261-3309, or write an email to us at salesfidel@fideltech.com.