Remote IT Infrastructure Monitoring Services

Remote IT Support Services

Frequently occurring IT issues and prolonged downtimes hamper production, and also affect customer services. So, when an IT-related issue strikes, the first thing you need around is an IT support expert who will resolve the concern, and help you quickly resume production.

But, resolving an IT-related problem isn’t as straightforward as talking about it seems. You need a comprehensive remote IT support team that continuously monitors your IT infrastructure and offers prompt technical support and quick incident response to help you get back to work.

FidelTech is one of the leading remote IT support services providers. Our remote IT support team comprises bilingual(Japanese English) IT support engineers for regions like Japan and experts across various technologies. They ensure you and your clients a quick solution to every IT-related problem within the IT infrastructure,reduce downtime, and never let IT impede production.

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Remote IT Tech Support Services

We don’t limit our IT support to resolving IT-related problems, as we understand tech support is not a reactive solution anymore, but a proactive one. Hence, we offer a broad array of remote IT support services that include managed monitoring support, incident-based support, managed services support, along with installations, upgrades, and various types of IT setups.

Besides, we work as the remote IT support services partner for companies from the banking, logistics, automobiles, manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunication, government agencies, retail, and media.

So, you can hire us to manage IT support for yours as well as your client’s company. Our IT support engineers are extensively experienced in managing the IT infrastructure of a diverse range of companies. Here’s what you get when you outsource IT support services to us.

IT tech support companies in Japan, Bilingual IT tech support resources

1. Incident-Based Support

Microsoft Small Business Server, Incident Based Support, Fidel
Microsoft Small Business Server
Microsoft Exchange Server, Fidel
Microsoft Exchange Server
Microsoft Windows Server, Fidel
Microsoft Windows Server

2. Setup and Installations

Microsoft DHS / DHCP Server and Configuration, Fidel
Microsoft DHS / DHCP Server and Configuration
Microsoft Windows / Exchange Server, AD Domain Environment, SBS, Fidel
Microsoft Windows / Exchange Server, AD Domain Environment, SBS
Desktop Application Software, Setup and Installations, Fidel
Desktop Application Software
Printers and Peripherals, Setup and Installations, Fidel
Printers and Peripherals
Group Policy Configuration and Server Migration, Setup and Installations, Fidel
Group Policy Configuration and Server Migration
Desktop and Laptop, Setup and Installations, Fidel
Desktop and Laptop

3. IT Managed Services Support

Server Deployment, Fidel
Server Deployment
Server Support, Fidel
Server Support
Proactive Management Support, IT Managed Services Support, Fidel
Proactive Management Support
Break Fix Support Services, Fidel
Break Fix Support Services
IT consulting, IT Managed Services Support, Fidel
IT Consulting

IT Managed Monitoring Support Services for Japan

  • Website Monitoring
  • Network and Server Monitoring
  • Event Log Monitoring
  • Resolving Browser Connection Issues
  • Resolving System Speed Issues
  • Resolving Performing Tuning Issues
  • Virus Detection and Removal
  • Data Retrieval Process
  • Resolving Online Connectivity Problems
  • Detection and Removal of Malware/ Adware/ Spyware
  • Resolving System Formatting Issues
  • Resolving Boot Up Issues

Our 5 Step Remote IT Support Service Process

At FidelTech, we follow an organized and focused remote IT support service process. Our IT support engineers understand your concern well, and then come up with a customized resolution to help you fix the issue in the shortest possible time. Here’s our well-defined remote IT support service process.

  1. Logging the Support Request and Generating an Online Ticket
    We log your support request quickly through the latest online ticketing software. The first step involves logging your request with us and opening a session against it. Based on the priority of the concern, we connect with the user through phone or email.
  2. Assisting the User to Download the Appropriate Service Suite
    We guide the user in downloading the right service suite, which is compatible with the hardware they use at their side. Besides, we also ensure the software’s compatibility to provide quick and seamless troubleshooting at all times.
  3. Assisting the User to Configure the Software
    Our remote IT support engineers help the user to configure the access control, and network settings. We do this to ensure that the user securely configures the remote service suit.
  4. Troubleshooting the Problem through Remote IT Support
    Once the user configures the software, we seek a unique ID, which helps us access the user’s machine through the internet. After acquiring the necessary access, we begin with the actual troubleshooting process and resolve the concern.
  5. Receiving the User’s Feedback
    Seeking the user’s feedback constitutes an essential part of the remote IT service support process. We ensure that we gather the user’s feedback before closing the ticket. It helps us identify and address user concerns, if any, and also keep improving our support services.

10 Reasons to choose Fidel as the Remote IT Support Outsourcing Partner

Outsourcing your IT support to us benefits you and your client in various ways. So, here are ten reasons why you must choose as your remote IT support outsourcing partner.

  1. We ensure complete data security.
  2. We are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 certified.
  3. Our turnaround time is 25-30% shorter than other IT support outsourcing companies.
  4. We follow a stringent quality monitoring process.
  5. Our packages are flexible and competitively-priced. You pay us based on the work we do.
  6. We assign a project manager for your project who serves as a single point contact.
  7. Our resources are complete IT experts committed to delivering 100% customer satisfaction.
  8. We offer multilingual support to serve your units situated across various geographies.
  9. We facilitate secure data exchange through secure FTP and VPN to support file sharing process.
  10. We use the latest IT support tools and offer 24/7 assistance to you and your clients.
Connect with us if you are looking for an IT support outsourcing partner for you or your client’s company, and stay assured of a complete remote IT solution. For more information, or to discuss your IT support needs, speak to our experts at 03-6261-3309 or write in to us at