ServiceNow Japanese Support

A lot of Japanese companies prefer ServiceNow to ensure appropriate and optimized IT infrastructure management. However, the default language of ServiceNow technical operations is English, and in Japan’s case, most of the queries and concerns raised are in the Japanese language. These linguistic differences can create service gaps, thus impacting ServiceNow support for Japanese companies significantly. Not anymore, though!

We adopt an organized and focused process concerning ServiceNow Japanese support. It involves providing customized ServiceNow Japanese support solutions to our clients from the IT and service industry. It enables us to help our clients optimize their ServiceNow investment and get personalized and accurate support.

FidelTech, one of the top ServiceNow service providers in Japan, extends its ServiceNow services through comprehensive ServiceNow Japanese support. The support enables Japanese companies to optimize the use of ServiceNow and get the most from it. Our ServiceNow Japanese support involves working as an intermediate interface to overcome the Japanese and English language barrier through Japanese-speaking technology experts.

Our services include PDF printing of reports through PhantomJS, supporting multiple data files while importing the data into ServiceNow tables, connecting different servers, mobilizing data, and generating analytical business reports, etc., to ensure end-to-end support and serve as a one-stop-solution for ServiceNow Japanese support.

ServiceNow Japanese Support

ServiceNow is amongst the largest infrastructure management and support software in the Japanese business arena. A lot of global and national corporations operating across various domains, including IT and support, prefer ServiceNow over its counterparts owing to the quality, precision and the pace of its services. Over the years, ServiceNow has established its credibility and the reputation of being a trustworthy partner helping the Japanese manage their business in a better and organized manner.


However, language, even today, remains a major confrontation for most of the ServiceNow Japanese support users. ServiceNow operates its technical support functions in English, as against the queries or concerns that it receives in Japanese. Therefore, here the issue is that of the difference in the language of operations support, which in the case of ServiceNow is English and that in the client is Japanese.

How does our ServiceNow Japanese Support Work?

As one of the leading ServiceNow service providers, we follow an organized and systematic process concerning our ServiceNow Japanese support. Here’s how the support mechanism and project work.

  • We enter into an agreement with ServiceNow clients in Japan.
  • As a Japanese company, you raise queries and concerns in the Japanese language, and our team responds to them in Japanese either through phone or email, based on the criticality of the concern.
  • We have solutions ready for almost every ServiceNow query. However, in some situations, we are required to communicate with ServiceNow. In cases like these, we get your ServiceNow credentials and communicate with ServiceNow on your behalf.
  • Once we receive a solution from ServiceNow, we translate that into Japanese and share it with you either through phone or email, whichever is relevant.
How does our ServiceNow Japanese Support Work

Need of Japanese Language Support for ServiceNow Clients

Fidel, which has otherwise been an active partner helping customize ServiceNow services, now extends its operational support as an intermediate interface helping both the parties overcome the language barrier through its Japanese support services. It offers prompt, accurate and personalized Japanese support services with the help of some of the best Japanese speaking technology experts.

Fidel adopts an organized and systematic approach towards serving ServiceNow clients. A majority of ServiceNow clients facing language issues belong to the IT and service industry. Therefore, considering the difference that exists in both these domains, and also their varying requirements, Fidel team offers customized solutions to each and every ServiceNow client, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction in every case. Its customized services include PDF printing of all the reports using Phantom-JS, generating various reports, supporting multiple data files while importing the data into ServiceNow tables, connecting different servers, mobilize data and generate analytical business reports, etc.

ServiceNow Japanese Support Benefits

How does our ServiceNow Japanese Support Benefit you?

Our ServiceNow Japanese support proves advantageous for you in various ways. Some of the benefits of our ServiceNow Japanese support include,

  • Our techno-linguistic experts facilitate quicker query resolution in the Japanese language.
  • Our Japanese language and technology experts possess extensive experience and expertise in ServiceNow queries, right from ServiceNow Consulting, ServiceNow Integration, ServiceNow Implementation to ServiceNow Support. It saves the time and effort in explaining the question.
  • Our bilingual ServiceNow experts communicate with ServiceNow in English, thereby not requiring you to communicate or hire resources to speak in English with ServiceNow.
  • Our experts have a comprehensive understanding of ServiceNow concerns, issues, queries, technicalities, and pain areas. That, in turn, helps them troubleshoot concerns in an accurate and quick manner. As a result, we deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction while ensuring comprehensive handholding.
  • Additionally, hiring us for ServiceNow Japanese support saves the cost, effort, and time required to hire full-time translators and ServiceNow experts. We provide resources with both this expertise.

Hiring Fidel for ServiceNow Bilingual Support in Japan

  • Quicker resolution of clients’ queries in the Japanese language.
  • Dealing with experts possessing Japanese language as well as technical expertise, thereby saving the hassles of giving an in-depth explanation of the subject-matter.
  • The clients are not required to communicate in English for their concerns with ServiceNow, as it is Fidel that does it on the client’s behalf.
  • Transacting with an expert team that offers customized services, and identifies and addresses the actual pain areas, in order to resolve them in a prompt and accurate manner, thereby maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Considerable cost reduction in hiring and employing bilingual candidates, improved efficiency at the client’s end owing to the prompt query resolution, comprehensive security at every stage of interaction and transaction, compliance ensured across all the stages, and many more!

Japanese Language Support for ServiceNow – How it Works with Fidel?

Fidel employs a team of well-trained and customer-centric professionals that possess comprehensive domain as well as language expertise. Before commencing its Japanese support services, Fidel enters into an agreement with ServiceNow clients. Here, the Japanese customers have the leeway of sending their queries and concerns in Japanese, to which, the team at Fidel responds in Japanese either via phone or email, depending on the exigency or the nature of the concern.

Although most of the technical concerns are readily resolved by Fidel, at times, based on the situation and the query raised, a communication with ServiceNow may be required. In such cases, Fidel would fetch the ServiceNow login credentials of the Japanese client and communicate the concern to ServiceNow on the client’s behalf. Once the issue is resolved by the ServiceNow support team, which is in English, Fidel would communicate the resolution in Japanese to the client.

Globally, there are several big players offering ServiceNow support services, however, what distinguishes Fidel from them is the Japanese language support that it offers! Offering this as an exclusive service, Fidel intends to help Japanese entrepreneurs overcome the language barrier, and avoid letting it turn into a roadblock for their business.

Japanese Language Support

Why Choose FidelTech for ServiceNow Japanese Support?

Here are ten reasons that make FidelTech the best for ServiceNow Japanese support.

  1. Comprehensive ServiceNow expertise
  2. Linguistic proficiency in multiple dialects of the Japanese language
  3. Team of bilingual ServiceNow experts that work with a result and customer-oriented approach
  4. Cost-effective and prompt ServiceNow Japanese support that saves in-house hiring costs and time
  5. A systematic and organized ServiceNow Japanese support process
  6. Proven track record of ServiceNow Japanese support services
  7. Linguistically and technically accurate ServiceNow support solutions
  8. Facilitation of bilingual ServiceNow resources for in-house or client requirements
  9. A comprehensive range of ServiceNow Japanese support services
  10. Optimized use of ServiceNow

As a significant part of IT infrastructure management, a lot of companies offer ServiceNow services. However, FidelTech, with its ServiceNow Japanese support, stands out from the crowd. We offer ServiceNow Japanese support as exclusive support to help Japanese companies overcome the language barrier and optimize their ServiceNow investment through accurate solutions in the Japanese language. To know more about ServiceNow Japanese support services, connect with us at 03-6261-3309, or write to us at