IT Infra On-Boarding

IT Infra On-Boarding
IT infrastructure demands huge investments requiring business owners to apply prudence and make informed decisions, rather than getting hassled and making incorrect or expensive choices. Infrastructure on-boarding, simply termed as infra on-boarding, is a service that helps IT administrators as well as the business runners to choose the right alternatives, seek the most appropriate consultation and get the right resources, in the right volumes, aligned with the organization’s requirements. In view of this need of the hour, Fidel offers the best infra on-boarding services that help customers plan, organize, develop and execute projects in the most organized manner. Scroll down to learn more about Fidel’s infra on-boarding services.

Fidel Infra On-Boarding Services

We offer the most comprehensive infra on-boarding services helping our clients take off their projects in the most judicious and organized way. Fidel nurtures a pool of qualified professionals that help customers right from developing the project charter to facilitating and documenting project closeout.

  • Development of Project Charter: Documenting the official existence and commencement of a project is as important as executing it is. Fidel helps customers develop a project charter, thereby defining the scope and boundaries of the project, and developing a formal record of the project.
  • Development of the Project Plan and Schedule: With its exceptional infra on-boarding capabilities, Fidel helps its clients develop an official project plan, along with a schedule of the project deliverable and the timelines in order to streamline and direct the execution part.
  • Manage Project Scope and Deliverable Requirements: Determining the project scope is an important step as it, in turn, determines the scope of the deliverable as well. Fidel helps manage the project scope and the requirements of the deliverable, thereby helping the animators to accordingly plan out resources in terms of manpower, finances and the time required for the project. Besides, Fidel also manages other important aspects including document changes and the subsequent changes to the project scope and schedule.
  • Project Coordination: On commencement of the project, Fidel’s team develops a comprehensive schedule of all the project activities and coordinates the entire project across diverse functional areas of the organization on the client’s behalf, thus offering clients the bandwidth to focus on other core areas of the project.
  • Operational and Infrastructural Consultation: Since consultation forms the most fundamental aspect of every infrastructure development, Fidel gets it right from the beginning by offering the most appropriate operational and infrastructural consultation to ensure the scalability of infrastructure, infrastructural requirements, operational execution, and infrastructure maintenance.
  • Facilitate Project Status Meetings: Fidel coordinates with diverse functional departments to facilitate project status meeting on a regular basis, along with including the required insights, latest project updates, project issues, and the relevant agenda for discussion.
  • Escalation of Significant Issues to Management: Fidel prepares a detailed report of all the relevant ongoing project concerns in a timely manner. It documents every escalation and the resolution for future guidance and reference.
  • Facilitate and Document Project Closeout: Closures are done in an organized manner. It conducts a detailed review of the entire project and facilitates an organized closeout of the project, along with documenting the reasons for the closeout, along with the technical and administrative details of the closeout.
So, if you’ve got a project on cards, and do not from where to start, contact Fidel at 03-6261-3309 or describe your requirement in detail at, and get your project streamlined today!